Paper birch

Glaswegian musician, Fergus Lawrie of cult band Urusei Yatsura and London-based musician, Dee Sada come together as Paper Birch to share their mutual feelings of despair, fragility and hope in this collection of nine songs. The album, MORNINGHAIRWATER was written under lockdown between May and June 2020 as a result of the fervent correspondence of lyrics, ideas and sounds.

The album will be released in August on TAKUROKU, the new digital label from underground arts venue, Cafe OTO.  

There will be a preview of 3 tracks and live interview with the band on Saturday July 11th on the Hello Goodbye show on Resonance FM.

Track listing:
Summer Daze
Love For The Things Yr Not   
Elegy (As We Mourn)
Curse Us
I Don’t Know You
Blue Heartbreak
Cemetery Moon

Artist: Paper Birch
Release Date: August 2020 (digital)