Current Projects



– Screening of ‘Estate’ dir. by Andrea Luka Zimmerman (2015) 85 mins and Q&A with Andrea Zimmerman.
Filmed over seven years, Estate, a Reverie reveals and celebrates the resilience of residents who are profoundly overlooked by media representations and wider social responses. Interweaving intimate portraits with the residents’ own historical re-enactments, landscape and architectural studies and dramatised scenes, Estate, a Reverie asks how we might resist being framed exclusively through class, gender, ability or disability, and even through geography…

– Shy Radicals: The Anti-Systemic Politics of the Introvert Militant (2017) Hamja Ahsan book talk
Shy Radicals are the Black Panther Party of the introvert class, and this anti-systemic manifesto is a quiet and thoughtful polemic, a satire that uses anti-colonial theory to build a critique of dominant culture and the rising tide of Islamophobia. Shy Radicals author Hamja Ahsan is an artist, curator and activist based in London. He is the Free Talha Ahsan campaign organiser.

– Screening of ‘Lift’ dir. by Marc Isaacs (2001) 24 mins
A quietly fascinating meditation on the mundanities of London life. Installing himself inside the lift of a high-rise block of council flats, Isaacs and his camera patiently observe the residents as they go about their daily business. As each of his subjects enters the lift, it’s interesting to note their reactions to him being there; some are suspicious, others curious, and then there are those who seem more comfortable in his presence.


ORAL ORAL formed via a request from artist Wolfgang Tillman’s to perform at his annual end of summer party in September 2009 What started as an ‘art happening’ evolved over a period of time.

Initially Princess Julia wrote a ‘monologue’, which questioned the structure and landscape of change, both on a physical/mental level and in an architectural sense with references to Wolfgang’s work. Our repertoire expanded to include subjects which deal with various (un)comfortable zones of flux and interaction within the human condition.

We work within a framework of minimal preparation but with a true sense of direction.

Oral Oral is a collective, current members are Dee Sada-drums/bass/electronics, Max Allen-vox, Princess Julia-vox.



The Dialectics of Liberation was a unique gathering in July 1967 in London, England. The purpose of the conference was to demystify human violence in all its forms, the social systems from which it emanates, and to explore new forms of action. The conference was organized by psychiatrist, Dr Joseph Berke. Invited participants included artist Carolee Schneemann, poet Allen Ginsberg, psychiatrists Dr Leon Redler and R.D. Laing, writer Susan Shearman, activist Stokely Carmichael, anthropologist Francis Huxley and philosopher Herbert Marcuse.

The Dialectics of Liberation: Reconvened is an exploration of the ideas and goals behind the original 1967 conference. We will also embark on a new discourse into its relevance today with those who have been inspired by its legacy.  The event is curated by musician and legal academic, Dee Sada. The events took place on February 6th and 7th at Cafe Oto and involved: Carolee Schneemann, Peter Davis, Dr Leon Redler, Jacky Ivimy, Geraldine Swayne, ANTIUNIVERSITY NOW and the International Times.

I curated R.D. Laing 50 on June 7th 2015 – an event to mark the 50th anniversary of The Philadelphia Association taking up residency at Kingsley Hall. Speakers included Dr Leon Redler, Dr Joseph Berke, Luke Fowler and The Bohman Brothers.

I am currently working on a new project with artist Carolee Schneemann, Dr Leon Redler and filmmaker Peter Davis.

Love From Womb – Basic FM
Sundays 9 – 10pm
Tuesdays 11 – 12am

On a fortnightly basis, Love from Womb explores females in the arts from both an international and local perspective. From world music to avant-garde films to poetry, Dee unearths the most influential, unique and passionate artists that are emerging across the globe.

Basic FM


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